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The Morgan Horse



















The Morgan Horse is America's first national breed. The founding stallion called 'Figure' was born in Massachusetts in 1789.

Legend has it that a poor music teacher, Justin Morgan, was given the young bay colt to cover a debt.  Justin took figure home to Vermont where he was used for farm work, clearing land as well as challenging many of the top flat and harness racers of the day (almost always winning!).  Later Figure became known as 'the Justin Morgan Horse'. Although Figure's parentage is somewhat unknown Figure stamped all his progeny with his intelligence, willingness, strength, striking looks and trainability. This was the beginning of the Morgan breed.


Morgans have been regularly used in the past as foundation stock for other American breeds, in particular the Standardbred, American Saddle Horse, the Quarter Horse and the Tennessee Walking Horse. Today, Morgan's are much loved for their temperament, courage, intelligence, versatility and stamina. Morgans are used for mounted police in USA and Canada and excel in almost every discipline imaginable from harness to western to dressage, eventing and pleasure.


The average height for a Morgan is between 14.2hh and 15.2hh. Morgan's have a naturally high action, upright well crested neck, a well defined head with small ears, large widely spaced eyes and a slightly dished nose with a small muzzle. Their bodies are compact with well sprung ribs, well muscled hindquarters and chest, and a short back. Morgans are known for their thick, wavy mane and tail and come in chestnut, bay, brown, black, buckskin, palomino and more rarely, grey.


Morgans make a fabulous family horse and truly love being with people. The bond you create with a Morgan is like no other.



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