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"It was in January 2011 I purchased my own horse, soon after began the search to find an instructor who could help me improve my horse handling, riding and overcome a few confidence issues I was experiencing. Then I found Trish from Sandeli Park Equestrian Centre. It was not until I met her that I actually learnt anything useful, things I could actually understand and take away with me in the future. She has been a huge mentor for me and support pushing me when the time was right and helping me become a better horseperson. It was no sooner that I moved my horse to Sandeli and I have never looked back since. She has taught me everything I know and allowed me to be confident in my own abilities.

All the staff at Sandeli are so vigilant and I know my horse is always in good hands. The lessons at Sandeli are fantastic. Trish knows exactly how to explain something for every level of rider and you always finish a lesson feeling like you have made a huge achievement. Trish has awesome attention to detail whilst you are riding and is always helping you improve your riding.

All the riders and staff at Sandeli are amazing, the atmosphere is lovely, everyone is so friendly and wiling to work together to get things done. I've been to many agistment centres over the past 4 years and this is by far the place I have loved the most. It took me a while to find the place where I was the happiest and now I'm here I don't plan on leaving any time soon.

Everything I know is thanks to Trish and Sandeli Park Equestrian Centre and for that I'll be forever grateful."


Emily Duffy


"I've tried many different riding schools over the years, and can confidently say that nowhere compares to Sandeli in terms of the affordability of lessons, excellence of instruction, and vast array of horses and ponies available to suit all ages and experience levels. Trish is an amazingly effective insructor, the kind that always 'gets' you and will adapt her teaching style to maximise your learning, and help you achieve your goals. I love the total support and family atmosphere here, and cannot recommend Sandeli highly enough!"


Sam Humberstone


"My riding journey started at the age of 7. It was all I dreamt of doing but am naturally a clumsy person and the little round person that I was back then fell off every week, without fail. I think I managed six lessons before quitting. My second attempt was when I was 16 and I managed to aquire the sergeant major from hell , he would shout, scream and yell thinking he was readying me for the Crimean War! Lesson five (amazed I kept going for that long) he told me I would 'never get rising trot, if I were you I wouldn't bother trying'.


From then life and career took over and my next moment came almost four years ago when I was 37 and began riding with Trish at Sandeli Park. In lesson one she made the impossible into the possible. Trish listened to me, took the time out to understand me. As an adult I don't just want to know how to ride, I want much more indepth information. The 'why'....about the horse, the feel, the connection. Patience and time taken and making allowances for the person I am and how I think. Sometimes my rising trot has its mishaps but a lot of the time it does not and have since cantered and jumped many times.


My dream is to become a successful show jumper and learning from Trish (my mentor) and Verity (my now girl) I am sensing the possibility more and more of that dream. Every single lesson, every single moment what could not be done is being done.


I love Sandeli Park, the atmosphere, the family spirit....we all have become such close friends. A very special place and one day I shall look back having done a clear round in a big event, flying over 150cm jumps (I'll probably be almost 60 by then) and thank these amazing people who have touched my life, my heart and more importantly helped me to believe in me."


Greg Archer 

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