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Meet Our Coaches

Patricia Gordon


"As an experienced Rider and Instructor I have  competed and worked overseas and interstate with some of Australia's leading riders and coaches. 

I am passionate about training both rider and horse to be the best they can be, specialising in improving the rider's position, balance and feel to create a sense of harmony between horse and rider. I have also been involved in Pony Club as a coach and judge and have over 20 years experience in the Pony Club system, where I acheived my 'B' Efficiency Certificate, as well as my 'D' Coaching Certificate. I have over 25 years experience in the industry and have worked with riders and horses of all levels from complete beginner to FEI. I am experienced with re-educating off the track thoroughbreds, standardbreds and starting horses under saddle.


I believe every rider's journey is unique and special. I'm passionate about guiding each rider to acheive their own personal goals and dreams. " 


Clementine Ashby


"I have been riding for over ten years, developing a strong understanding and foundation in dressage before moving steadily through the technicalities of jumping. I have competed in many different disciplines from hacking to eventing. My main focus is to learn how to adapt to and ride a wide range of horses. This has helped me to have a deeper understanding and respect towards the connection between horse and rider.

I want to be able to help riders have confidence and show them how they can conquer their personal goals while creating a strong bond with the horse along the way."

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