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Lease Horses

Sandeli Park Ambition  'Lucky'

16.3hh  Thoroughbred Gelding


Lucky is an OTT Throughbred who has been at Sandeli since finishing his racing career. Lucky is well educated on the flat and he possesses a talent for jumping and is coming along nicely as a Pony Club mount. He has been to numerous Pony Club events and dressage days and tries hard to please his rider.

Sandeli Park Secret Liaison 'Leah'

13.3hh Morgan x mare


Leah is a one in a million pony. She is a fabulous confidence boosting pony who will adjust to her rider. Leah can take care of the young nervous beginner as they learn how to trot then she can go out and compete D Grade eventing with her more experienced riders. Leah is a fabulous allrounder with experience in dressage, hacking, games, eventing as well as being a great trail ride and beach pony. Leah loves children and being pampered so if you're looking for a pony to teach your child the importance of caring for a pony then Leah is for you! 

Sandeli Park Omi One K'Nobi 'Omi'

15.1hh Arabian gelding


Omi is a favourite amongst the Sandeli riders. He is suited to riders of all levels and is a true gentleman, both on the ground and in the saddle. Omi is a great allrounder and loves to please his rider.

Sandeli Park Tahnee's Honour 'Tahnee'

13.3hh Welsh X Mare


Tahnee is a well educated pony who is safe and reliable with the smallest of riders yet educated enough to challenge a more experienced rider. She has competed to D grade in ODE's and has attended numerous hack shows and pony club events. Tahnee also enjoys trail rides and games, she is a fun pony who loves to please.

 Springfield Enigma 'Oli'

16.1hh   Perchon x Thoroughbred Gelding

Oli is our resident school master. Oli is very well educated and has schooled up to medium level dressage and competed up to elementary level, Oli has competed up to 1.10 show jumping and pre-novice eventing. He is a gentle horse who always tries his best. A competitive inter school mount and a favourite of many. Oli is a great teacher and can take the right rider far.

 Pelennor Rose Royale  “Roxy”
14.2hh Morgan mare


Roxy is a very special mare. She has beautiful movement and an impressive jump and will teach her rider a lot. She is a true all rounder, she has competed up to elementary dressage, holds Royal show titles and enjoys Pony club events and trail rides. Roxy always aims to please, loves to work and is always ready for whatever you ask of her.

Sandeli Park heaven sent  “Sylvia”
16.3hh thoroughbred mare

Sylvia is the sweetest mare with a lot of talent. She has flashy movement and an impressive jump. Sylvia likes a soft rider and is very happy to be pampered. She loves the beach, trail rides and cross country. Sylvia is a very special mare and will take her rider far.

Eliseos falcon  “Eliseo”
15.3hh Standardbred gelding

Eliseo is the coolest horse around. He has the kindest heart and is a real gentleman. Eliseo can do it all, pony club, dressage, jumping, eventing, trail rides, beach rides, vaulting and much much more. Although he is a standardbred he has beautiful movements and a solid jump. Eliseo needs a balanced and kind rider to bring out the best in him and he will give you his all.

Coming Soon “Jaxon”
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Coming Soon “Casper”
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Coming Soon “Reggie”
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