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Riding camps are a great way for riders to gain experience in a wide range of equestrian activities outside of regular lessons, some of which include trail riding, beach rides, stable and property management, horsemanship and games. 

Camp is designed with learning and fun in mind alongside likeminded riders where lifelong friendships are made.


Camp dates for 2021:


Summer Day Camp January 27th  -  29th

Autumn Day Camp April 13th - 15th

Winter Day Camp July 13th - 15th


Spring Day Camp October 5th - 7th



Camp Cost:   (prices include 10% GST)

$80   - Half day - Beginners 8am - 11am

$95   - Half day - Intermediate 8am - 12pm

Email: or call on 0403 345 609

for all enquiries and enrolment forms.



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